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1996 Mitsubishi Minicab Soft Dump 4WD, 2Hi-4Hi-4Lo, 5MT

Mileage: 26,521

Engine: U42T/3G83

Transmission: Manual

Interior color: Black/Grey

Exterior color: White

Fuel type: Gasoline

VIN: U42T-**27358

Doors: 2 Door

Stock number: 187-2


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All Mini Trucks Labeled as "ORV" are strictly for Off-Road USE ONLY.  

Exterior Condition Rating Chart

5.0 - Brand NEW
4.5 - Excellent
4.0 - Very Good
3.5 - Good
3.0 - Fair

Interior Condition Rating Chart

A - Brand NEW
B - Very Good

C - Fair

Maintenance History 

* New Spark Plugs
* New Air Filter
* New Cap & Rotor
* New Fuel Pump

** Needs New Battery as Current one doesn’t hold charge
** Chooke stays closed when warm so idle is low and dies if you dont keep your foot on the gas.

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