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1995 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Exceed 4WD 2.8L Turbo Diesel Auto

Mileage: 76,663

Engine: 4M40 2.8L Turbo Diesel

Transmission: Automatic

Interior color: Black/Grey

Exterior color: Green

Fuel type: Diesel

VIN: PE8W-**21185

Doors: 4 Door

Stock number: 292-5


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The new platform, dubbed the L400 features smoothed out bodywork, a more advanced 4WD setup, and countless interior improvements. This Green over Gray (F2HE) 1995 is in good condition, sans the normal scuffs, scratches, and dings that come with daily use. The clear coat still shines well, and the paint has retained its bright luster, and the bodywork is straight; with the most notable imperfections being on the roff at the front and very back. Complete with all the factory accouterment, including OEM running boards, rain guards, and brush guard, this 76K verified mile example has an eye-catching exterior. The formula is still the same, go-anywhere capability, and legendary reliability.

As noted before, the exterior aesthetic is bold and unique, but several strides were made on the cockpit upgrade. Gone is the angular dashboard, replaced with a flowing design made with soft-touch materials. A gauge sweet including altimeter, voltmeter, and compass is mounted ahead. The copious amounts of glass, commanding ride height, skinny A-pillars all benefit visibility, making lane changing and parking easy. Even the floor has been redesigned, which is now flat to aid the loading of cargo over the prior generations' floorplan. The dash, headliner, and carpet are all in good shape without any major blemishes and the seven-seater was obviously cared for in a previous life. The seats, which feature captain’s chairs for the first two rows, are bolstered nicely in durable gray cloth, and all feature adjustable armrests. The material doesn't have any major stains or tears to note, and the interior is devoid of any offensive odors. Passengers in the second row have their own dedicated digital real climate controls, ensuring that they ride in comfort. They also have the ability to slide and swivel the middle two seats, creating additional legroom and some fun, flexible seating options.

The mechanicals has also received various significant upgrades, including a more sophisticated all-wheel-drive setup and a more powerful motor. This (4M40) 2.8L, turbocharged and intercooled diesel, fires up immediately at the turn of the key. It has recently undergone a full service including new Air & Fuel Filters, and benefits from a fresh oil change. The four-cylinder powering the Space Gear has plenty of low range power and easily accelerates up to highway speeds. The automatic transmission, now engaged via a space-saving column-mounted shifter, runs through the gears without any hesitation or clunking. Power is sent to all four wheels care of a selective transfer case, which can be adjusted at speeds up to 62mph. The suspension sorts out all the large bumps in the road and offers a cushy ride. Overhangs are short, and this seven-seat transporter has more off-road prowess than most any modern SUV. New all-terrain tires are mounted at all four corners, and the brakes handle the stopping duties nicely.




5.0 - The exterior may have some very minor scratches/scrapes and dents. A very difficult grade to obtain, the unit will be in near perfect condition with very minor imperfections.

4.5 The car is a very high grade that you can be confident in. The car may have some very slight imperfections in the body work, but will not need major repair. Grade 4.5 and 4.0 are the top grades you could expect for a used car, and as such attract the top prices in the top 10%.

4.0 - The exterior may have some scratches/scrapes and dents. The car is in above average condition. No Crash history.

3.5 - The exterior has some noticeable large scratches/scrapes and/or large dents. They may require some minor panel beating work and/or painting. The car is in average condition taking in to consideration the year and Miles on the car.

3.0 - The exterior has many noticeable large scratches/scrapes, paint blemishes, and/or large dents. They will require panel beating work and/or painting.

2.0 - The car is in poor condition.


A - New or near new condition.

B - Very clean interior.

C - The car has some, or all of the following conditions;
1) Tears, cigarette burn marks, worn patches, dashboard warping, and/or has some small tears.
2) The interior is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

D - The car has some, or all of the following conditions;
1) Several cigarette burn marks in the interior.
2) Dashboard has a major warp.
3) The interior is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Some dirty patches will remain after cleaning. Needs work.