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1995 Honda Street Racoon RealTime 4WD, AC, EFI Mid-Engine, 5MT

Mileage: 65,648

Engine: E07A 660cc 3 Cylinder

Transmission: Manual

Interior color: Grey

Exterior color: Green

Fuel type: Gasoline

VIN: HH4-**10860

Doors: 5 Door

Stock number: 341-13


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This 1995 Honda Acty is an overachiever. Scaled down to size, this tiny van seats four, is a blast to drive, all while delivering fantastic fuel economy. It is the ideal small, urban, runabout. Its surprisingly capable cargo volume, phenomenal gas mileage, and quirky good looks make it a blast to drive and own. The usefulness of this little van is seemingly endless. A city hauler, marketing vehicle, or simply just a fun commuter all rolled into one package! One thing is for sure, this pint size van delivers an oversize smile to your face whenever you take it for a spin. At only 127" long and 55" wide this compact cargo carrier can squeeze just about anywhere. Finished in Green Color this hauler is in decent shape for its age, showing normal signs of wear and tear. This city van passes muster and can immediately be put to work.

The Acty was primarily designed for functionality and the Street version was the more family oriented model with A/C. However, the interior still remains extremely versatile. Loading and unloading is exceptionally easy. The full rear hatch opens completely parallel with the roof making loading up cargo a breeze. With two full size sliding doors passengers can easily scoot in and out. The seat material is in above average shape, compared to the average twenty five year old work van, we have seen plenty worse. Up front, the driver and passenger experience great visibility thanks to the cab over axle design. Behind the front passengers the Acty has lots to offer. The rear seats have plenty of leg room, and are equipped with a center armrest for comfort. For those times when you don't need the back seats, they can be folded completely flat giving you 6' of usable space. In the Acty, with the ventilated rear windows, this is less of a big deal. Unlike most traditional vans the sliding doors actually do have roll down windows to aid rear passenger air circulation. Of note, in the rear, an interior floor panel by the rear axle allows for easy access to service the engine.

Part of what makes the Kei trucks so practical is the fact that the E07A 656cc 3 cylinder is mounted below the rear cargo deck. The mighty, twelve valve, 3 cylinder has the ability to pull 45mpg and still get you down the highway. The noise its makes is particularly cool, and is climbs above 7K rpm without any hesitation. A fresh oil service ensures you can drive this little van for the next 3000 miles without a service. By the way, Honda dealerships do stock this motor's oil and filter if you want to bring it by for routine maintenance. With only 65K verified miles, this little Honda engine has plenty of life left in it. This Street fires right up and idles smoothly. The brakes are very quick to react to inputs, and the feather light hauler stops abruptly. With such a small turn radius, the unassisted yet light steering is wonderful in the city. The factory suspension is well sorted and handles bumps without feeling unstable despite its short wheelbase.


The little Acty punches above its weight, delivering useful storage and unique styling. This demure little workhorse is ready to go, and eager to find a new garage. Make this your turn key Japanese Classic today!




5.0 - The exterior may have some very minor scratches/scrapes and dents. A very difficult grade to obtain, the unit will be in near perfect condition with very minor imperfections.

4.5 The car is a very high grade that you can be confident in. The car may have some very slight imperfections in the body work, but will not need major repair. Grade 4.5 and 4.0 are the top grades you could expect for a used car, and as such attract the top prices in the top 10%.

4.0 - The exterior may have some scratches/scrapes and dents. The car is in above average condition. No Crash history.

3.5 - The exterior has some noticeable large scratches/scrapes and/or large dents. They may require some minor panel beating work and/or painting. The car is in average condition taking in to consideration the year and Miles on the car.

3.0 - The exterior has many noticeable large scratches/scrapes, paint blemishes, and/or large dents. They will require panel beating work and/or painting.

2.0 - The car is in poor condition.


A - New or near new condition.

B - Very clean interior.

C - The car has some, or all of the following conditions;
1) Tears, cigarette burn marks, worn patches, dashboard warping, and/or has some small tears.
2) The interior is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

D - The car has some, or all of the following conditions;
1) Several cigarette burn marks in the interior.
2) Dashboard has a major warp.
3) The interior is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Some dirty patches will remain after cleaning. Needs work.