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1989 Nissan S-Cargo 1.5L FWD Commercial Van, Automatic

Mileage: 81,507

Engine: E15S 1.5L Inline 4

Transmission: Automatic

Interior color: Grey

Exterior color: Pearl White / Blue

Fuel type: Gasoline

VIN: G20-003790

Doors: 3 Door

Stock number: 125-G20


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In the late 1980s to early 1990s, Japan's swelling economy bore some odd automotive fruit. Nissan's tiny S-Cargo van fell into the latter category for reasons obvious, but the reasons that made it unsellable during its short production run are the ones that make it a wheeled treasure today.


One of the car world's first, the S-Cargo was Nissan's nod to light-duty Citroën 2CV delivery vans, which were recognizable for their vaguely snail-like silhouettes. 2CV "fourgonettes" and S-Cargos shared roughly similar roles (that of a small cargo van), but the latter was an obvious riff on the former; it was both a caricature of the 2CV's already gastropodous styling, and its name, a play thereon, referencing the famous French delicacy of escargot.


Nissan wasn't coy about what it had made, either, as it hid snail motifs on both the mud flaps and hubcaps. With a footprint about the size of the Fat 500, the S-Cargo was on the small side for a utility vehicle, even with its rear seats folded (it ostensibly sat up to four people). Its cargo area might fit a smaller home appliance, like an oven or washing machine, but a refrigerator is out of the question. That's probably why the S-Cargo oozed its way to an estimated 8,000 to 12,000 sales across its entire production run that lasted just three years (1989-1991).


S-Cargos are rarities no matter where you are in the world, and if one came up for sale in good condition, its price would almost be irrelevant. Fortunately this one is listed for under $10,000, so if a car that looks like a snail and is as slow as one appeals to you, ooze your way across to us for a test drive.




5.0 - The exterior may have some very minor scratches/scrapes and dents. A very difficult grade to obtain, the unit will be in near perfect condition with very minor imperfections.

4.5 The car is a very high grade that you can be confident in. The car may have some very slight imperfections in the body work, but will not need major repair. Grade 4.5 and 4.0 are the top grades you could expect for a used car, and as such attract the top prices in the top 10%.

4.0 - The exterior may have some scratches/scrapes and dents. The car is in above average condition. No Crash history.

3.5 - The exterior has some noticeable large scratches/scrapes and/or large dents. They may require some minor panel beating work and/or painting. The car is in average condition taking in to consideration the year and Miles on the car.

3.0 - The exterior has many noticeable large scratches/scrapes, paint blemishes, and/or large dents. They will require panel beating work and/or painting.

2.0 - The car is in poor condition.


A - New or near new condition.

B - Very clean interior.

C - The car has some, or all of the following conditions;
1) Tears, cigarette burn marks, worn patches, dashboard warping, and/or has some small tears.
2) The interior is dirty and needs to be cleaned.


D - The car has some, or all of the following conditions;
1) Several cigarette burn marks in the interior.
2) Dashboard has a major warp.
3) The interior is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Some dirty patches will remain after cleaning. Needs work.